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Why Choose Flood Ark?

Your home or business is your most valuable asset. To protect it, you want a product with a proven track record – that’s why people turn to Flood Ark. In September 2015, following testing at H.R. Wallingford, the only independent BSI authorised testing facility, our bespoke flood barriers were awarded the latest PAS 1188-1 Kitemark quality accreditation.

Many of the flood doors and barriers on the market have been tested against floods at a depth of 600mm (2ft) and are unproven protecting apertures of more than 2,440mm (8ft) in width. However, our barriers can hold back 900mm (3ft) of flood water and protecting openings of 4,000mm (13ft), so you can be confident that they are robust enough to withstand far beyond anything we would expect to see in the UK.

Flood Barrier Applications

Quick and easy to assemble, our flood protection systems have been proven to offer effective protection to any domestic, commercial or public sector building that is threatened by flooding. The bespoke and versatile nature of our product has resulted in us carrying out installations at a range of properties including homes, schools, police stations, offices, NHS buildings and local authority housing.

Flood Protection Products

Flood Protection Products

We offer a full range of flood protection products for doorways, small and large windows, garages and gates. Each product is manufactured bespoke to meet the unique configuration and irregularities of your property. This removes the necessity for costly building work and creates an unobtrusive installation. We are therefore approved by the Heritage Departments of Local Councils to supply flood protection products to listed buildings and properties within conservation areas.

In Partnership With...

In Partnership With

Over the years we have established a national reputation for delivering innovative and effective flood protection solutions. As a result we have worked closely on multiple pilot schemes with the Environment Agency since 2006. On top of that we have also worked with a number of contractors for major water companies, including Thames, Southern, Wessex and Anglian Water to provide our products as part of their work to protect customer’s properties.

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