Flood Ark

At Flood Ark we have worked hard to develop and maintain a reputation for offering a quality product with an honest and fair service. We therefore take customer service seriously and are proud to have received a number of positive testimonials from customers who were happy with the work we carried out for them.

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"Delighted with the product, easy to use and gives us peace of mind."

Mrs Suttie

Installation Date: 16/12/2017
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"Excellent fitter. Clean, tidy and worked around our needs considerately."

Graham Blythe

Installation Date: 10/12/2017
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"It has given us peace of mind and blends in well on our property."

Leanna Thomson

Installation Date: 14/08/2017
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"Extremely pleased. Gives us new confidence if a flood did occur."

Mr Fellgett

Installation Date: 14/08/2017
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"The installation went smoothly and without incident or any obvious problems or difficulties."

Mr Clark

Installation Date: 07/06/2017
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"Completely happy with our purchase and confident that our house is very well protected."

Mrs M Hare

Installation Date: 11/02/2017
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"So far so good (fingers crossed we don't need to test the product)."

Mr Bill Shaw

Installation Date: 22/12/2016
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"Very efficient."

Mrs L Davies

Installation Date: 15/12/2016
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"Communicated perfectly."

Mr Dyer-Smith

Installation Date: 14/12/2016
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"No comparison."

Mrs M Bolcock

Installation Date: 15/12/2016
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"I am convinced that this is the best product on the market."

Mrs Cant

Installation Date: 21/11/2016
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"Yet to be tested in action but we would be very happy if that was not required. Reassuring to have it in place."

David Hope

Installation Date: 30/09/2016
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"Good planning & execution."

W. Coombe

Installation Date: 16/09/2016
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"Nick worked very hard to make everything right."

B. Templeman

Installation Date: 14/09/2016
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"Hope I don't need it but peace of mind now it's installed"

Michael Smith

Installation Date: 08/09/2016
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"Very good value"

Mr Crockett

Installation Date: 02/08/2016
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"I would recommend you!"

Mr Coulson

Installation Date: 03/08/2016
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"We are more than happy with our purchase, the quality of the product is next to none. First Class."

Ian Gardiner

Installation Date: 29/07/2016
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"Very happy."

Graham Landon

Installation Date: 27/06/2016
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"I am very happy, the fitter was very thorough and very pleasant!"

Mrs Major

Installation Date: 20/06/2016
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"Spot on."

N Noble

Installation Date: 09/06/2016
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"Very straight forward. Good communication from the office admin. Accurate information provided"

Mr Glover

Installation Date: 2/06/2016
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"Very happy with a job well done by your engineer."

Neil Marshall

Installation Date: 01/06/2016
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"Looks good, hope it works."

Dr A Whitton

Installation Date: 18/05/2016
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"It gives us peace of mind, and it looks good also."

R Conway

Installation Date: 11/05/2016
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"Very happy - neat construction, tidy installation."

Jonathon Parkes

Installation Date: 10/05/2016
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"The fitter was friendly & explained carefully the function of the gate."

Paul Carling

Installation Date: 28/04/2016
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"Very happy with our purchase"

Sally Bingham

Installation Date: 25/04/2016
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"We now have peace of mind."

Janet Broadbent

Installation Date: 15/04/2016
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"Already recommended to neighbours & relatives."

Paul Sudds

Installation Date: 14/04/2016
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"Very satisfied."

Barbara Taylor

Installation Date: 13/04/2016
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"Nick is a perfectionist & a credit to your company."

Elizabeth Appleyard

Installation Date: 13/04/2016
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"Nick was first class, as was the office keeping us informed."

Jim Coward

Installation Date: 05/04/2016
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"Great communications all around."

Nigel Nicholson

Installation Date: 24/02/2016
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"Very happy with installation."

Sheelagh Wilkins

Installation Date: 23/02/2016
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"Thorough and professional."

Raju Sakaria

Installation Date: 08/02/2016
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"Kept in touch and all very clear."

Ian Cooper

Installation Date: 24/10/2015
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"The fitter was professional and helpful."

Colin Ford

Installation Date: 06/10/2015
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"Understood my needs well"

Richard Spencer

Installation Date: 01/10/2015
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"The company understood exactly what we wanted."

Ronald Harvey

Installation Date: 30/09/2015
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"Assuming it will stand the test of time, we have every confidence"

Dr Johnson

Installation Date: 08/09/2015
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"Fitter was great"

Ian Stewart

Installation Date: 11/08/2015
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"You understood very well what our needs were and advised and explained according."

Philip Harley

Installation Date: 21/07/2015
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"Excellent communication. Already recommended"

Sue Dewhurst

Installation Date: 20/07/2015
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"Communicated very well"

Richard Hare

Installation Date: 09/07/2015
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"It looks good, the colour works with the tone of the home."

Carley Runacre

Installation Date: 25/06/2015
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"All staff I dealt with were friendly & co-operative"

Heather Shave

Installation Date: 24/06/2015
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"Well made and looks more substantial than your competitors"

R F Gayfer

Installation Date: 19/06/2015
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"After two storm floods in ten months we now have peace of mind."

J. M. Wren

Installation Date: 30/04/2015
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"Happy 100% with our purchase."

Roy Blake

Installation Date: 07/04/2015
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"Very happy - Although I have to say it hasn't been tested for real yet!"

Hugh and Jennifer

Installation Date: 23/03/2015
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"It gives me a great peace of mind to know that there will be no danger of being flooded again."

David Moss

Installation Date: 04/03/2015
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"Already recommended to other people"

Bryony Hebson

Installation Date: 30/02/2015
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"Very happy, although we hope never to use them in extreme weather."

J. D. Potter

Installation Date: 13/01/2015
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"Happy but hope we never have to use it!"

Karen Joy

Installation Date: 16/12/2014
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"Very happy, just keeping my fingers crossed that I don't have to use the flood boards."

Clive Gardner

Installation Date: 09/12/2014