Flood Ark

Restaurant and Bar in York, United Kingdom

The Waterfront in York City Centre is a hotel, restaurant and pub that has repeatedly been affected by the regular flooding of the River Ouse. The Ouse has caused major disruption in York with burst banks in 2012, 2018, 2020 and January of 2021.

Having observed several local properties where money had been spent on ineffective flood barriers, the owner was recommended our Flood Ark flood barrier system by a satisfied customer.

The buildings are listed properties, so it was essential to make the installation as unobtrusive as possible, whilst ensuring robust flood protection. For these buildings it is not a case of “if” the installation will be tested in anger, it is a matter of “when”. You can see from these images how high the floodwaters have reached in the past - these barriers are protecting windows at head height to a person standing at ground level!