Flood Ark

Residential Property in Worcester, United Kingdom

A homeowner in Worcester was delighted with the Flood Ark barriers we installed in August 2020. Within a year, the easy-to-assemble lightweight flood board system had already successfully held back the floodwaters three times!

The system we fitted was an improvement to a pre-existing system (not fitted by us) that was not fully watertight. Whenever the nearby river flooded, water was getting into the property. We were invited to fit four flood barriers to add an extra layer of protection that would augment the existing flood barriers.

In an email telling us how pleased they were with the four barriers we fitted, the homeowners said:

"Just a bit of feedback and some pictures of one of the four barriers, to show they did the trick. The barriers themselves worked well, the porch they were fitted to let some water in through the structure, but this did not challenge the original inner barriers we have, fitted just outside each of the doors. We kept the interspace dry with pumps. So having the double barrier system seemed to be a good solution for us."