Flood Ark

The Old Mill, Wetherby

The floods of December 2015 caused significant damage across the country, but the North of England was particularly badly hit. Of all the images which were published during that flooding, a photo of Tadcaster Bridge crumbling into the River Wharfe under the force of the rising water was certainly one of the most iconic. The debris this generated would go on to create a dam in the river, causing it to swell and flood areas back up stream – particularly around Wetherby, just north of Leeds.

The nearby monitoring station typically records the river level to be between 0.4 metres and 1.8 metres - on Boxing Day 2015 it recorded the river level to be at 2.87 metres. Following that close call, Flood Ark were tasked with supplying and installing flood barriers to protect a new riverside development in the town.

As you can see from the images above, the properties are located close to the water’s edge. Even though the property itself has never flooded, we were asked by four ground floor residents to carry out the installation of flood barriers to protect their flats.

Speaking after her installation, one resident told us “I am very happy [with the barriers]. Just hope I never need to use them!” When asked how well Flood Ark had understood what she wanted, she added “Perfectly. Nick is a perfectionist and a credit to your company.”

In addition to the residents' flood barriers, we were also instructed by the building’s estate manager, Spring House Properties, to install 13 Smart Automatic flood protection airbricks.