Flood Ark

Vale of Glamorgan, United Kingdom

The village of Llanmaes in the Vale of Glamorgan in South Wales has suffered flooding for the last 20 years. The Vale Council have been trying to agree and get funding for a major flood alleviation scheme since a pre-feasibility study was undertaken in 2004! Meanwhile, many villagers feel apprehensive every time the weather forecast predicts heavy rainfall.

It is easy enough (although expensive) to prevent river flooding in one village. Problems arise when the repercussions of the flood alleviation scheme for a single village are examined. How will major earthworks and redirection affect the course of the river? The aim must be to prevent flooding altogether, not simply shift it to up or down stream.

Approval of a scheme for Llanmaes has taken 15 years because it is essential that any scheme to protect the village does not cause flooding issues for other areas. Consequently, implementation of the flood alleviation scheme keeps being delayed. Work is expected to start later this year – subject to final release of £2 million funding from the Welsh government.

While it waits for money to be released from the Senedd, the Vale of Glamorgan Council secured funding to provide property level flood protection for flood vulnerable properties in the Vale, including those in the villages of Llanmaes and Penarth. Some people declined the flood protection as they were worried if they accepted the measures the big scheme would never happen, but those who took up the offer couldn’t be more pleased with the peace of mind that their new Flood Ark flood barriers have brought them.