Flood Ark

Tydd Gote Pumping Station, United Kingdom

Tydd St Giles is a beautiful village near Wisbech in the heart of Cambridgeshire’s Fenlands. We recently undertook a large project at the Tydd Gote pumping station. The project involved covering multiple entrances with our bespoke flood barriers.

The productive farmland and 18-hole golf course to be found near Tydd owe their existence to the draining of the Fens from the 16th Century onwards. The whole region would revert to its natural swamp-like state if not for the continual pumping of water into the rivers Nene and Ouse and out into the Wash. The original windmill-powered pumps were replaced by steam-powered pumps in the Victorian era and subsequently by diesel/electric pumps in the Twentieth Century. Tydd Gote pumping station has vintage 1930s Gwynnes pumps (albeit with modern diesel drives capable of shifting 200 tonnes of water every minute!)

By their very nature, pumping stations have to be built on the water’s edge – so paradoxically, they are at particular risk from flooding. Tydd Gote pumping station is maintained by the North Level District Internal Drainage Board. They have not experienced any flooding to date, but they want to be fully prepared in the event of possible future flooding scenarios.