Flood Ark

The Rivers Edge, Lancashire

The Rivers Edge, Lancashire

The winter floods of 2015 rank alongside some of the biggest flooding events of the last century – including the devastating floods of March 1947. Evidence shows that, during the storms, many of the rivers in Northern England and Scotland reached record peak flows. This includes the River Eden which saw peak flows of around 1,700 cubic metres of water per second. To put that into perspective, that amount of water would fill the Albert Hall in less than 60 seconds.

One of the communities to experience flooding was Whalley in Lancashire. This is a part of the country that we are very familiar with, having undertaken a number of flood barrier installations in this region over the years – including one for a lady called Maureen Board.

Maureen’s property backs directly onto the River Calder. As you can see from the photos, this offers some fantastic views, but at the same time exposes her to the threat of flooding. On Boxing Day 2015, Maureen’s home suffered significant flooding. The damage was so severe that it forced Maureen into temporary accommodation and it was October 2016, 10 months later, before she was able to return.

The inconvenience caused by the flood forced Maureen to consider ways of guarding her property against any future risk of flooding. She made contact with Flood Ark and we were subsequently tasked with the installation of three barriers – one at the front of the property to guard against flash flooding and two at the rear to offer protection from river flooding.

Maureen told us - “You have been ever so good, I changed my mind about the colour of the front door barrier when I saw it. You recoated the frame for me so it matched my stone bricks, I am really pleased with everything.”

In November 2016, less than a month after returning to the property, Maureen suffered another flood scare. Torrential rain caused culverts and drains in the local area to overflow – flooding a number of nearby streets. On that occasion, the flood waters did not make it all the way to Maureen’s home, but at least she was prepared – unlike many others.