Flood Ark

Strumpshaw, United Kingdom

The Huntsman is a pub in Norfolk, United Kingdom. Situated close to the Norwich Road, approximately half way between Norwich and Great Yarmouth, the pub is popular with both local residents and traveller.

Flooding is a problem that Spencer Hall, landlord of The Huntsman, has been dealing with for many years. The Norwich Road regularly floods and Spencer explained to us some of the problems that this can cause:

“The problem we have is rainwater cannot drain away quickly. The ground around us has a lot of clay soil, up to 2 metres of clay beneath us. The ditch here always has water in it. When we get heavy rain, we can quickly flood.”

Previous attempts at flood management included a soakaway in the car park. However, this proved to be insufficient to combat the downpour they experienced on July 13th 2016. Spencer’s wife, Christine, told a reporter from the Eastern Daily Press newspaper how burst drain covers and wash from passing vehicles had made the problem worse.

“While the road is still open, and at that depth, it just washes in. Our guys in there were sweeping it, trying to keep it away from the front door, but the longer it went on, it was inevitable that it was going to come in. Once it started to come in, there was nothing we could do. You can’t keep brushing it away.”

In April 2017, after being closed for 9 months, Spencer and Christine were finally able to reopen the pub. The reinstatement work saw a completely new kitchen installed, new flooring throughout the ground floor and a new perimeter wall built at the rear of the pub so that future flooding could be better managed.

As part of the work, Flood Ark were tasked with supplying and installing four of our flood barriers at the pub. Two were installed to protect the entrance doors at the front and side of the side of the pub, with a further two installed in the new perimeter wall walkways. With their new Flood Ark barriers in place, Spencer and Christine won’t have to worry about forced closure due to flooding anymore.