Flood Ark

St Boltoph's Church, Boston

The tidal surge of 2013 was described by the Environment agency as the most serious incident of its kind for 60 years. Communities right along the east coast of England were affected, with many forced to flee their homes as tides reached levels not seen since the devastating floods of 1953. One of the worst areas to be affected was the town of Boston in Lincolnshire.

On the 5th December 2013, the River Haven bursts its banks and 50 of the surrounding streets were flooded. This led to the flooding of 600 properties, including the town’s historic St. Boltoph’s Church – known locally as ‘The Stump’. As flood waters rose to around a foot in depth, serious damage was caused to the:

The final bill for repairs to the church totalled almost £1million and at one point teams were working 12 hours a day to complete the work. As part of that work, Flood Ark were tasked with manufacturing and installing a flood barrier to provide protection to a new utility room which was created to house a new boiler and electrics. This work saw our team work closely with Messenger Construction who are specialists when it comes to the preservation, enhancement and protection of historic buildings.

The task of designing and handling the listed building application for the new utility was given to Buttress Architects. Their application incorporated flood defence into the design - something that was sympathetically produced to match the church by the stonemasons chosen to carry out the work. This project was just the latest example of how Flood Ark is happy to liaise with partners to achieve effective, sympathetic flood protection for buildings that would otherwise have been left seriously exposed to the threat of flooding.