Flood Ark

Guildford, Surrey

When the river Wey burst its bank the car park behind the PJ Hi-Fi shop in Guildford quickly began to flood. At first just a trickle of water was coming under the roller shutter door of the premises, but it kept coming and before long it was flowing straight down into the basement store. In the end the basement was completely flooded with just over a metre of water.

“10 years ago our insurers put a condition whereby we are not insured up to the first 6”. So we just had all of our stock on pallets. We lifted up what we could to high shelves and got out all the high value stock but even the first shelf was covered by the flood water. Our claim ended up at £55,000, that was for the remaining stock and damage to the property, there was a £250 excess. Now my insurers have stuck a £20,000 excess for flooding.”

The company have now had a permanent sump pump installed and know that water is coming up through the ground when water starts coming in the sump. Whilst there is nothing they can do to stop this, they use it as a warning to move everything from the basement to a higher level and erect the flood boards that we have supplied them with to stop water coming through the garage.

“I chose your system because you could make it to suit my double garage and fit a split system with a centre post. I found Flood Ark when trailing the internet. Surrey County Council have paid for our flood protection with grant money.”

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