Flood Ark

Residential Property, North Norfolk, United Kingdom

The countryside and quaint architecture of North Norfolk is breathtakingly beautiful, but the famously flat landscape is also prone to coastal and flash flooding.

The meadow to the rear of the client’s house could only soak up so much precipitation before it floods. The family was concerned that excess water falling on an already sodden meadow might come flooding through the back garden and into the house. Following a free full survey of the flood risk to the property, we put in a quote for two Flood Ark barriers. One covering a standard entrance door, and one covering the wider french doors at the back of the property.

Our barriers have been designed to protect homes from flash flooding, river flooding and coastal inundation. They can be assembled quickly and require no tools. As soon as the property owner gets warning that a flood is imminent, the strong but lightweight UPVC panels can be slotted into the permanently affixed aluminium frame.

Flood Ark barriers are the only barriers on the market that have been tested to a width of four metres, so if you are looking to protect french doors, garage entrances, patio doors, or bifold doors, Flood Ark should be your first port of call.