Flood Ark

Stratford upon Avon, Warwickshire

July is probably the last point in the year that you would expect to be flooded, but when a customer in Stratford-Upon-Avon was unexpectedly flooded they decided to take precautions to ensure that it never happens again. The flood water left the downstairs of their property completely uninhabitable, with the kitchen, central heating system, electrics and floorboards all needing to be replaced. As a result the family were forced to move out of their home for five months whilst repairs were carried out.

The family were keen to learn more about flood defence systems and having visited the Environment Agency’s website contacted six installers for literature. They discovered that other installers systems are designed in fixed sizes – none of which were suitable for their patio doors. At Flood Ark we design and manufacture all of our systems bespoke to meet your individual specification.

“We found Flood Ark to be very helpful and competent when enquiring without the use of high-pressure selling techniques we had experienced with some other companies. Everyone we spoke to at Flood Ark was extremely knowledgeable and installation took place with the minimum of disruption and, as we were on holiday when some of the installation was being done, the fitters came back at a convenient time for us to give us a full demonstration of how to use the system.

We have now had Flood Ark installed all over our house and we are currently having our garaged fitted. Although none of these systems are inexpensive, it is definitely value for money knowing our home will not be under the threat of immense water damage again and, even though we are hoping not to be flooded again, Flood Ark gives us the peace of mind that if it were to happen, our home is now covered.”