Flood Ark

Egremont, United Kingdom

Cumbria, in northern England, has had a run of bad floods in recent years. One of the most devastating floods to hit the region occurred in 2009, when more than £275million worth of damage was caused to homes, businesses and infrastructure.

Egremont Rugby Union Football Club was particularly badly hit. The club plays a central role in the sporting life of West Cumbria, but the 2009 floods destroyed the club’s stand and pitch, and caused the roof of the clubhouse to collapse. Following the flood, members of the club leapt into action and with the support of other local community associations, raised the money to restore the club.

Nine months after the devastation, the club was reopened. With their new buildings open, those connected with the club were understandably keen to protect them from further damage in the future. They therefore chose to contact Flood Ark to see what we could do to help them. As a result, in November 2010, we installed two flood barriers to protect the entrance to the new clubhouse.

In recent years, Cumbria has continued to be hit by major flooding events and during the winter of 2015/16, the town of Egremont was flooded again. On this occasion, the rugby club narrowly avoided another deluge, but decided that they wanted to improve their flood defences further. Flood Ark were subsequently invited back to protect more of the club’s infrastructure, including:

All of these potential access points for floodwaters are now blocked. Speaking to us after the most recent installation, the club’s development manager and life member, Ian Marr, said:

“Your man Shaun’s attention to detail and the quality of his workmanship is superb. He is a real credit and asset to your company. He did the job with a minimum of fuss in really testing conditions – cold and blustery weather. Shaun told us exactly what we need to do to keep the barriers tip top!”.

He went on to add:

“Fortunately, we secured the bulk of the funding from three grants: one from the Rugby Football Foundation, one from Egremont Town Council and another from the Copeland Community Fund.”

In April 2007, our installation team returned to Egremont to service two of the club’s barriers and relocated a barrier. The club is now fully protected against the worst that the Cumbrian weather can throw at them.