Flood Ark

Dulwich College Boat Club, United Kingdom

Dulwich College was founded by the theatre entrepreneur Edward Alleyn in 1619. The public school for boys is planning a series of celebrations to mark its 400th anniversary this year. The college encourages in its pupils a keen interest in sports -- particularly rowing -- and maintains a Boat Club on the river Thames at Putney.

The Thames is a tidal river and Dulwich College Boat Club had a tendency to flood when heavy rainfall combined with high tide. In 2010, the staff of the Boat Club began to research effective countermeasures to keep out the floodwaters. That brought our product to their attention.

Our flood barriers have been independently tested to meet international industry standards and have proven their capabilities in real-life flooding emergencies. They can be used to protect wider spaces than our competitors’ products. We have been in business continuously since 2002, in which time we have completed over 6000 installations.

The flood barriers at Dulwich College Boat Club are deployed every couple of weeks and they are regularly tested in anger when the Thames tides are high. The Boat Club have found that they are having to use them more and more frequently due to the increase in ‘exceptional’ high tides.