Flood Ark

Dunstable, Bedfordshire

Proprietor Martyn Seaholme has been trading from his shop in Dunstable for 22 years. Following several incidents of flooding he had become fed up of using traditional sandbags and having to deal with the aftermath of swollen shop fittings, damaged stock and the smell that comes as a result of flooding. In 2007 he decided to look around for a more effective solution to counter the threat of flooding.

“I decided to take some action finding Flood Ark on Google and have never regretted doing so.

We have used our flood barriers to protect the shop several times. Only a few months after we fitted ours I arrived at work to find neighbouring premises had been flooded during the night, whilst my shop was as dry as a bone. What a great feeling that was, I had taken control and reaped the benefit.

I get Environment Agency severe weather warning alerts so I know when to put up the flood boards.”

After 9 years and a full service in May 2015, the system is still going strong and helping to protect Mr Seaholme’s business. Martyn’s decision to have the barriers serviced last year was shown to be wise when the store experienced a major flash flooding incident during June 2016. The video below shows the seriousness of the flooding and you can just make out the white Flood Ark barriers protecting the Cash Convertors store on the right of the clip.

Cash Converters

We spoke with Callum Harker from the store shortly after the flood and he explained to us that within 45 minutes of the video being filmed, the waters had completely receded – but not before seven neighbouring businesses were badly flooded.

“It was an unbelievable downpour. We decided to get the flood boards up and by the time we had put up the first board we needed the second, and we realised we had to get and put up the rest. No water got through, but we needed all four boards. In five minutes the water was up to my knees. A guy crossed the road and came in to the store to get out of the rain. By the time he had stepped over the barrier he was totally soaked.”

Fortunately for Martyn and Callum, our barriers held back the flood waters and the store was able to reopen for business as usual almost immediately. The same cannot be said for many other businesses that experience flooding, with the Federation of Small Businesses estimating that 29% not having insurance to cover the loss of income, costs incurred or damage caused as a result of flooding.