Flood Ark

Cadburys, Bournville

Flooding impacts businesses of all sizes, but for those operating in the manufacturing industry the cost of a flood can be particularly significant. Suspended production, damaged high-value equipment, lost man hours, spoiled stock and missed deadlines all contribute to the overall cost. For these businesses, having the ability to maintain continuous production, even during a major flooding event, is clearly paramount – particularly if you are a leading brand.

An example of this is Cadbury. Recognised as one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of confectionary, the company’s reputation would be impacted if production had to be suspended as a result of flooding. With this in mind, we were delighted to be approached to supply and install a flood barrier at their Bournville factory.

Opened in 1879, the Bournville factory is located in Birmingham – close to both the Worcester and Birmingham Canal, and The Bourn Brook. Whilst there has never been a flood on the site, its location has meant the company are keen to be proactive. They have been working with ADI engineered solutions team to develop a 100 year flood plan to protect their historic site from this ever increasing threat.

As part of that plan, Flood Ark was tasked with supplying and installing a double flood barrier across the entrance of an electrical substation – one of several on the site. This particular substation is located close to the Bourn Brook and the company was keen to ensure that, in the event of a future flood, the substation would be protected and production could continue uninterrupted.