Flood Ark

Steventon, Oxfordshire

When a huge downpour hit the village of Steventon in Oxfordshire, it was not the river that flooded our customer’s home – it was the nearby brook which had been left neglected for many years. The brook was unable to handle the level of rainfall that fell on the day and as a result the homeowner found the downstairs of their property under four to five inches of water.

Fortunately the water dispersed within about 12 hours and they were able to continue living in the upstairs of the property, but the damage had already been done. All of the downstairs carpets and flooring were destroyed and the family were forced to have a new kitchen put in. When they contacted their insurers they were surprised at the number of things that may need to be taken out, but managed to get away without having to remove plaster from the walls or taking up skirting boards.

“We heard about Flood Ark when looking into flood defence solutions on the internet and we liked the look of the product. We rung for a quote and a surveyor came out to have a look at our property, took some photos and discussed with us the best possible solution for our needs. The men who came to install the product were brilliant and charming, we were really pleased with them and they did a splendid job on our property.

Fortunately we have not yet had to test out the system, but we have been given a demonstration and seen the products Kitemark testing DVD. We feel confident that, if the heavens opened again, we could get the barriers up and be safe in the knowledge that we won’t have to experience the devastation of being flood again."