Flood Ark

Armstrong Cottages, Northumberland

376,000 buildings in the United Kingdom currently enjoy listed status. This group of buildings includes all those constructed before 1700 which remain in their original condition. Whilst listed status can be extremely attractive to potential buyers, when it comes to making adjustments to guard against the threat of flooding, it can be something of a minefield. Fortunately, having worked with the conservation departments at a number of local authorities, we have the experience and capabilities to help property owners overcome this problem.

In September 2008, twelve Grade II listed cottages in the village of Rothbury, Northumberland were among scores of homes to experience flooding. The Armstrong Cottages, which are owned by the Benicia Group, offer sheltered housing to elderly residents. They were left under several feet of water, which caused significant damage to both the properties and personal belongings. Due to the stone construction of the cottages, they took more than six months to complete dry out and forced the elderly residents from their homes.

A £700,000 renovation project followed which saw the cottages’ flood defences upgraded. As part of these upgrades, Flood Ark was tasked with supplying and installing three 550mm flood barriers. Fitted to the perimeter wall around the cottages, it meant that we were able to protect all twelve cottages with just the three barriers. Where possible we always recommend that barriers are fitted to the perimeter of a property, with further barriers installed on doors and windows for an additional level of security.

In April 2016 our team returned to the cottages and serviced two of the barriers. The frame of the third barrier was also repaired following damage caused by the tarmacking of the driveway. All of the original flood boards remained in good condition and were reused.