Flood Ark

Algarve, Portugal

Think of the Algarve in Portugal and your first thoughts are likely to be of the sunny Mediterranean climate, mile after mile of beautiful beaches and famous golf courses – not flooding. However, in November 2015 the area was hit by storms and heavy rain, with Albufeira on the country’s southern coast particularly badly hit.

The local airport recorded 100mm of rainfall; more than the 75mm average that the area would expect to receive throughout the entire month of October. High seas all along the coast saw flood levels peak at 1.5 metres in some areas, with cars submerged and local businesses flooded. Fortunately, one resident saved their property from flooding – thanks to their Flood Ark barriers.

“Just a thank you to all at Flood Ark. You may have seen the storm we had in the Algarve last week. We live close to where this picture was taken. Without the barrier we would have been badly flooded. The best investment I made in the last 4 years.” – Tony Hickey

Tony first flooded after a severe storm in 2013. “I have never seen rain like it, we had one metre of water in the basement, electricity was gone and there was nothing we could do about it. After dealing with the aftermath and a £40,000 insurance claim, I found and installed your barriers and invested in a generator pump”

In November 2015. “This time it started to rain about 9am, a storm came through the night before and we had an 1” of rain but then the storm hit the Mediterranean and turned back on itself, now it was severe and Quarteira had 6” of rain in 2½ hours. I had put up all five flood boards and we needed them, the water came half way up the fifth board. 3 feet of water created a lake consuming the road and gardens. The barriers saved my basement and after 8 hours I was able to pump away the water.

We have a lot of caves (basements) in Portugal, especially in the Algarve because mostly you are not allowed more than two stories for a house. Property developers put a basement in and people use them for home gyms, cinema rooms and vehicles. My neighbours had pumps but were flooded out as they were electric pumps and the power failed!”