Flood Ark

Alconbury Weston, Huntingdonshire

The urbanisation of our towns and cities is increasing the threat posed by flash flooding. When half a month’s worth (31.2mm) of rain fell in the Peterborough area in the space of just twelve hours on 9th March 2016, Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue were forced to come to the aid of those who had been left stranded.

By looking at the UK River Levels website it was possible to gauge the scale of the flooding. On an average day it is expected that the water level at Alconbury Brook will vary between 0.19 metres (7 ½”) and 0.88 metres (3 feet). On that day, the level was almost four times that at 3.4 metres (11 feet) – resulting in damage to nearby property.

One resident who escaped that flooding was our customer, Mr Marshall. Our team of installers had originally carried out a three board high installation at his property in 2011. However, it was not until the flooding in March that the barrier was tested in anger for the first time.

“Alconbury Brook was recorded at 11 feet (3.4 metres) yesterday and we had 15 inches of water at the gateway to my property. The Flood Ark did its job brilliantly, if we didn’t have the barrier our house would have flooded!” – Mr Marshall

Fortunately the three board system was sufficient to protect the property on that occasion. However, following February’s flood and a series of other incidents where flood waters have encroached on the land around his property, Mr Marshall got back in touch with us to arrange for the height of his barrier to be increased. We subsequently returned to the property in April and carried out work to install a five board system giving him 950mm height of protection.

The property is now fully protected against even the most severe of flood incidents.