Flood Ark

Abbeydale Sports and Community Centre, Gloucestershire

Situated just a few hundred feet from the River Twyver in Gloucestershire, the Abbeydale Sports and Community Centre offers local residents a bar, a kitchen, study and sports facilities, and a large hall for events and functions. With so much to offer, the centre is at the heart of the community.

Unfortunately, over the years, it has suffered more than its fair share of flooding. It was first badly affected in July 2007 when, following several hours of relentless rainfall, the river became swollen and the centre was devastated by the subsequent flood. Following that flood, Severn Trent invested heavily in new flood defences to protect local homes and businesses – work which resulted in Flood Ark being chosen to install nine of our flood barriers to protect entrances at the centre.

“The investment was made by Severn Trent after the floods of 2007 and they have helped enormously. The trust has worked very hard to secure the grants to improve the centre and it is important it is protected. The flood defences have done their job.” - Andy Tickner, Chairman of Abbeydale Community Association.

Those new barriers were tested in anger for the first time in 2012. Despite torrential downpours and gale-force winds generating a build-up of water in the centre’s car park, on that occasion our barriers helped the centre to avoid any flood damage.

So happy were the clients with our system that in 2015 we returned to the centre to install a further barrier to provide protection for new fire escape doors. In addition to that, our engineers also carried out a full service of their existing barriers – extending the length of their guarantee by a further three years.