Flood Ark

Flood Protection Products Tailored To Suit Any Property

It does not matter whether the property in question is your home, your business or a key public service, flooding can cause significant damage and disruption to them all. When it comes to protecting cherished personal belongings, stock and valuable equipment, our barriers provide effective flood protection against the threat posed by flood water. For that reason, our flood protection products are chosen by homeowners, businesses, organisations and local authorities all over the country.

Protecting Your Home

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You home will be the most valuable asset that you own and we can ensure that investment is adequately protected. Our barriers are capable of spanning apertures of almost any distance and in the past we have successfully installed systems to deliver flood protection for slide and fold patio doors, entrance doors and windows, garages and driveways. With such versatility, we can offer a reassuring last line of defence for your home.

Protecting Your Business

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Just a few inches of water can disrupt a business for weeks and months following a flood. The effects will often be felt through lost stock, damage to fittings and machinery, and disruption to trade. Thanks to the bespoke design of our flood protection system, it does not matter if you operate in the retail, manufacturing or hospitality industries; our barriers will ensure that your business is able to continue trading as normal.

Protecting Public Services

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Maintaining access to public services and infrastructure is crucial – both during and immediately following a flooding event. We are delighted to have been regularly selected by public sector organisations to provide flood protection for such buildings as schools and universities, police stations and NHS facilities, water and electricity infrastructure, and event even insurance companies. What greater compliment could we receive!

Working in Partnership

The reliability of our flood protection products and the quality of our workmanship are something we take great pride in. As a result, we have been approached to work in partnership with a number of leading national organisations. This has led us to work with the Environment Agency, local authorities and several utility companies on schemes to protect both domestic properties and vital infrastructure.

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