Flood Ark
  • Does it actually work?

    Tried and tested - The system has been tested at HR Wallingford’s world leading flood product testing facility in simulated flood conditions and we were awarded the latest Kitemark standard in November 2014; we were first awarded our Kitemark Licence in February 2004. More importantly over the past decade we have proven that our system can not only withstand the demands of leading test facilities but also that, when faced with real life flood scenarios it prevented our customers from flooding.

  • What does the survey involve and does it cost anything?

    The survey is FREE of charge. We will assess all your property openings and make recommendations. We will also tell you about your risks of backwater sewer flooding. We will then provide you with a written quotation with no obligation to purchase.

  • What Height and Width can we protect to?

    • Height up to 900mm (3ft, 5 boards) under our Kitemark Licence but we have protected 2150mm (7ft, 11 boards). The height of protection is decided by you.
    • Width up to 4,000mm (13ft) under our Kitemark Licence but we have protected a 10 Metres (33ft) aperture.
  • How heavy are the flood boards?

    The boards are lightweight and no individual board weighs over 12 kilograms [2500mm (8ft) example]

  • How easy is it to use?

    Very easy, because no tools are required to assemble the system; the flood boards are lightweight so can be used by people of all abilities. Once the flood boards have been retrieved from storage it takes no more than 5 minutes to deploy one barrier.

  • How is the system installed?

    For our barriers to work, it is equally important how well they are installed. We have experienced fitters, two of which are now in their tenth year of employment with Flood Ark. This experience is invaluable as no two properties are the same.

    What we do

    • We secure our barrier frames to the masonry structure of a property or perimeter wall. This can be brick, block or stone work.
    • We compress the frame to the wall with a PVC foam gasket to ensure a watertight seal.

    What we don't do

    • We will never fit our barrier frames to cement render. We remove render where necessary to get to the masonry structure.
    • We will not fit our systems to timber, be it a timber door frame or façade. Timber shrinks and expands because of its moisture content. This movement jeopardizes the integrity of frame seals.
  • Do you use sub-contractor fitters?

    No, experienced Flood Ark employees install all of our barriers systems.

  • Why does it cost so much?

    • All of our systems are custom made at our factory in Norfolk, being bespoke comes at a cost but does mean we can tailor the system exactly to your property.
    • A high proportion of our price is the installation cost. Time and again we get surprise feedback from customers not realising how much work goes in to installing the barriers. You get what you pay for.

    The majority of systems are set in flush with the floor so there is no trip hazard. This requires us to excavate the ground and cast the base of the barrier frame in with concrete. We then make good any paving, brick weave, slabs, stone or timber decking, leaving just a neat cover treadplate.

  • Why choose Flood Ark Ltd?

    An established reputation since 2002 and a quality system that works. We have carried out thousands of installations to protect openings of all shapes and sizes. We pride ourselves on the service we provide at enquiry, survey, installation and subsequent customer support.

    Not all flood protection products are equal If you are going to spend hard earned cash be careful to choose products that will work. Kitemarked products are a good starting point but it is equally important how well they are installed. If you do decide to use a competitor make sure you check they have the latest Kitemark PAS 1188:2014, ask to see a copy of their Licence. Unfortunately there are some unscrupulous suppliers who say their products exceed the Kitemark standard but without any type of accreditation.

  • Can it help reduce my household insurance?

    Yes, we have many examples of customers who have had a flood claim but been able to reduce their renewal premium / policy excess for flooding by installing our Kitemarked flood protection systems.

  • Do you give a guarantee and what is covered?

    We give a three year no quibble parts and labour product guarantee. This can be extended by choosing to have the system serviced by our team of engineers, we will then extend the guarantee by a further three years.