Flood Ark

A Proven Last Line of Flood Defence

Our flood defences have been recognised for their quality and reliability by some of the leading testing facilities internationally – including Aston University and H.R. Wallingford in the UK and American Test Lab Inc in the United States. However, a flood defence system is only as effective as the team who install it and we take the quality of our installations and customer service incredibly seriously. To ensure that we maintain a high standard of service at all times, we have put in place a comprehensive three stage installation process.

1 Arrange a Pressure Free Survey

Flood Defence Free Survey

Following your initial survey with us, we will arrange for one of our experienced team to visit your property to carry out a free and comprehensive survey. We are happy to visit you anywhere in the UK and will assess the areas of vulnerability on your property to identify the most appropriate flood defence measures we can offer. At no point will our team pressure you into making a decision. Instead they will be happy to discuss the unique requirements of your property and answer any questions you may have.

2 Manufacture Your Bespoke Barriers at Our Factory

Flood Defence Free Survey

After more than a decade in the industry, we know that no two properties are alike – even neighbouring properties can have subtle differences. It is therefore impossible to create one-size-fits-all solution and expect it to offer the same level of protection for each property. For that reason, each system we install is manufactured bespoke by the skilled team of engineers at our factory. By building bespoke, we can tailor your barrier to overcome the unique characteristics of your property and ensure that the barrier fits your home.

3 Full Installation by Our Dedicated Team

Flood Defence Free Survey

We believe the only way to ensure a high quality installation for our customers is to carry out every barrier installation ourselves. We do not employ subcontractors to carry out our installations and instead have a dedicated in-house team of installers who will fit your system. In most instances an installation will take one day per barrier, although this can vary depending on the complexity of the work.

Entrance Doors

Flood Defence Entrance Doors

Our single span system offers flood protection for doors up to 2500mm (8ft 2in) in width. Where you have an opening larger than this, we can supply removable central posts. These allow for the opening to be divided into multiple manageable lengths.


Flood Defence Entrance Doors

Ideal for the low level sash or bay windows found in many period properties, we can protect your windows using our flood barriers. As our system is bespoke, we can engineer a solution to protect even the most complex of openings.


Flood Defence Gateways

By stopping flood water at the gates to your premises, you stand a better chance of reducing the risk of it entering your home. Barriers can be supplied in single spans of up to 2500mm (8ft2in) and in multiple spans with removable central posts for larger entranceways.

Air Bricks

Flood Defence Gateways

Low-lying air bricks provide vital ventilation for wooden floors in some homes. However, they also provide a convenient entrance point for floodwaters. We can supply the self-closing SMART Air Brick® or a cover that is inserted and sealed manually when flooding is imminent.

Protection For Garages

Flood Defence Gateways

Depending on the makeup of your garage we can either fit your garage door flood barrier internally or externally. With a wide choice of colour finishes to choose from, your barrier will blend seamlessly with the rest of your property.


Each system incorporates an aluminium frame which is fitted to the fabric of your building. These frames can be supplied in a choice of five standard colours, including White, Stone, Terracotta, Mahogany Brown and Black.