Flood Ark

York Update: Our Barriers Held Back Storm Franklin


Floor barrier installation at The Waterfront in York

As you might imagine, we read a lot about floods and flooding and occasionally we come across an article or an image showing our barriers in action.

In an image taken by the Press Association that is featured prominently in an article in the Metro, you can see our barriers holding back the major flooding in York that occurred as a result of the deluge Storm Franklin dumped on the UK in February. (We looked into acquiring the image rights - £2116 for a three year lease was a little steep for us!)

We only installed the barriers in York in the summer of 2021, so we contacted Mr Binns - proprietor of the Waterfront Hotel and Lil’s Bar and Bistro - for a comment. He said:

“I’m delighted. The barriers you replaced had been heavy, took hours to put up and did not hold the water out. The Flood Ark barriers were deployed really quickly and easily and were completely effective. I was able to continue trading as soon as the flood water receded.”

Mr Binns is so happy with our flood protection system he has asked us to survey another bar he owns along the riverside in York.

Flood Ark flood barriers provide proven property level protection to buildings. If you would like to know more about our barriers, please don't hesitate to contact our facility on 01603 879977 or email info@floodark.com with a request for information.

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