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UK Flood Warnings in Place Following Weekend Storm

11/02/2020 Flooding, United Kingdom storm ciara makes waves at Porthcawl, UK

Following the severe gales and heavy rainfall from Storm Ciara at the weekend, there are still over 50 Flood Warnings and 160 Flood Alerts in place across the UK. At the storm’s peak on Sunday, there were over 300 Flood Warnings and Alerts flagged on the government’s Flood Warning Information Service.

More Storms and More Severe Storms

Climate scientists predict that we will see more of these storms, more frequently and with more severe effects if average global temperatures continue to rise. Even if humankind stopped burning fossil fuels tomorrow, the effects of the CO2 that we have already dumped into the atmosphere will be felt for decades to come. And one of the clearest effects we will witness directly from this small island in the North Atlantic is the increased severity of the storms generated from that ocean.

Triple Flood Threat

A major weather event like Storm Ciara increases the likelihood of flooding from all sides. The sea level is raised by the low pressure system and the waves whipped higher by the strong winds, increasing the treat from coastal flooding. Heavy rainfall increases the risk of flash flooding immediately – and then all that extra water drains into the river system, causing lakes, rivers and streams to burst their banks in the days following the storm.

Government Response

The government response to the increased threat from flooding has been woeful. Lacking a clear long-term strategy and subjecting flood victims to a postcode lottery. Just two weeks before this latest inundation, the government rolled back on their promise to support the communities affected by flooding last autumn (the promises were made during an election campaign). Compensation was limited to those flooded between the 8th and 18th November and only where a group of 25 or more houses were flooded!

Action to Take

You don’t have to wait for the government to take action. There are things you can do today to protect your property if you fear that it is at risk from flooding. Sign up for free flood alerts from the Environment Agency and examine the relevant flood maps and gauge maps linked from our Resources page. 

Protecting a property with flood barriers is a proven way to mitigate damage, and it costs far less to protect a property than to pay for repairs following floodwater ingress. 

At Flood Ark, we manufacture and install barriers that provide proven property level protection. If you are interested in our products or would like to organise a FREE survey of your home or business, call us on 01603 879977 or email info@floodark.com

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