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UK Flood Risk from First Two Named Storms of the Season

08/12/2021 Flooding,

storm waves at sunset

Storms Arwen and Barra are the first two named weather cycles of the UK winter storm season. Not every system is given a name: only those that are expected to generate an amber or higher weather warning for wind, rain, snow or flooding. And there has been plenty of rainfall outside of these two nameworthy events, compounding the problem. Storm systems add to the flood risk in all three of the following categories:

Increased Risk of Flash Flooding

When storms cause heavy rains and the rain is falling on ground that is already saturated, the conditions are set for flash flooding. Drains are often already struggling to cope when they are hit with the extra water. One big storm is all it takes to push the system over the edge.

Increased Risk of River Flooding

In the aftermath of a storm, there is excess water in the river systems - all trying to flow out to sea. At high tide, the sea pushes back creating a condition called a tidal block and causing flooding in places where river banks can no longer contain the excess water. Today’s flood warnings in river estuaries in Dorset were caused by this combination of factors.

Increased Risk of Coastal Flooding

The most dramatic pictures of any storm are generally captured by those photographers brave (or foolhardy) enough to head down to the coast and snap the huge waves crashing into the shoreline. In Ireland, the strong winds of Storm Barra generated colossal waves up to 50ft high. Coastal communities are at most risk when freak waves combine with high tide and a storm surge.

Property Level Protection

For the millions of homes and businesses along the coastlines and river banks of the United Kingdom, being aware of flood warnings and having plans in place is absolutely crucial. Sign up for free flood alerts from the Environment Agency and find flood maps and gauge maps on our Resources page. Protecting a property with flood barriers is a proven way to mitigate damage, and it costs far less to protect a property than to pay for repairs following floodwater ingress.

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