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Thousands of UK Coastal Properties at Risk from Sea Level Rise


car on flooded road

Researchers at the University of East Anglia’s Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research published a paper last week concluding that, by 2030, 200,000 more UK properties will be at risk from flooding caused by sea level rise. The paper predicted that protecting all of these properties with sea defences will be impossible and strategies for coping with sea flooding should include the abandonment of some properties and the relocation of the communities that live and work in them.

An extreme prediction that put flood risk back into the news headlines just as Britain baked in an early summer heatwave (the intensity and relatively early timing of which was also linked to climate change).

The head of the Environment Agency, Sir James Bevan has made pronouncements with the same sentiment. He claims that “...the hardest of all inconvenient truths…” is that it will not prove economically feasible to save every property and that defences will be centred on more economically prosperous areas (essentially cities).

Stark news indeed for those who live at the sea’s edge in littoral areas and who can lose metres of their property to erosion during fierce storms (which it is not exactly a plot twist to reveal we are going to be seeing more of. Thanks to, you guessed it… climate change!)

There’s another category of homeowner that is facing increased problems due to rising sea levels.Those who live in areas that historically flooded once every hundred years, but are now facing floods every decade or so. Once-in-a-lifetime is a very different prospect to 8 times in a lifetime. And you can bet the actuarial scientists and insurance folk will be factoring that into their quotes for housing insurance.

For these people, we may be able to offer some assistance. One action they could take would be installing demountable barriers such as our Flood Ark system. Our protective flood boards can be quickly deployed to keep floodwaters out of a property. Deploying our system requires no tools. The boards slot into place and a quick twist of the compression locks form a seal that will keep water out. Flood Ark barriers have been independently tested.

If you would like to know more about our barriers, or if you'd like to book a FREE site survey of the flood threat to your property, please don't hesitate to contact our facility on 01603 879977 or email info@floodark.com

In the UK, you can find out the flood risk to your property on the Environment Agency website.