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The Flood Expo: Seeking Out Improved Standards and Innovation

16/10/2015 Entrance to Flood Expo show This week our team have been on the road attending the second annual Flood Expo exhibition. Held at ExCel London on Wednesday and Thursday, the event is the largest of its kind in the world and brings together some of the leading flood prevention companies. With more than 100 businesses exhibiting, the event is a fantastic opportunity to find out more about the latest flood protection innovations and efforts to raise flood awareness 

From our point of view there were three key things we were looking for from this year’s event:

1. Government Investment

When it comes to investment (or the lack of) in flood protection, the finger of blame has always been pointed in the direction of the government. However, the announcement of a six year strategy of investment by the Environment Agency is definitely something for which they deserve some credit.

This is the first time that a programme of this kind has been put in place and will assist 300,000 households that are currently at risk of flooding. Speaking at the exhibition, John Russon, the Deputy Director of the Environment Agency’s Flood Allocation Programme, explained that whilst much of this investment will be focused on protection from coastal flooding, around 1,800 households will also be assisted with property level protection.

2. Innovation 

One of the things we are always looking to do is seek out new innovation in the industry and further expand the range of products we are able to offer our customers. One item we have been keen to add to our range is a flood door and we wanted to use the show to look for a reliable solution. Across the two days we were pleased to identify some possible solutions, including: 

  • A UPVC flood door 
  • A composite flood door 
  • A better engineered non-return valve 

The doors we have identified have both been manufactured to the 2014 Kitemark standard and we feel they would make an excellent addition to our range of products. We hope to bring you more news about these in the near future. 

Mary Queen of Floods at the Flood Expo 3. Seminars 

Finally it is always good to hear the thoughts of other people involved in the industry and find out how they feel it can be improved. From the domestic point of view, John Alexander from Aquobex made an excellent case for investing in property level protection – his argument being that if you are investing in excess of £200,000 in an asset, why would you not pay £5,000 to protect it from the risks associated with flooding? 

We also heard from Paul Cobbing of the National Flood Forum. He pointed out that businesses are required to have a fire certificate. However, given that they are three times more likely to be flooded than have a fire, is there a case for introducing flood certificates? 

Overall it has been a very worthwhile trip and we would like to congratulate everyone involved with the event for putting on another excellent show. We look forward to returning again next year! 

If you would like more information about any of flood protection products, do not hesitate to get in touch. You can call us on +44 (0) 1603 879977 or drop us an email to info@floodark.com.