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Severe Flooding on the River Don Hits Sheffield and Doncaster

08/11/2019 Flooding, United Kingdom flood risk map of Doncaster

The river Don rises in the Pennines and flows through Yorkshire to the east coast of mainland Britain. The city of Sheffield and the market town of Doncaster lie on its banks. Recent heavy rainfall in Yorkshire has added millions of tonnes of water to the river. The Don has burst its banks in these two major population centres and the government has issued its highest flood threat warning: Severe Flooding: Danger to Life. Hundreds of residents have been forced to evacuate their properties to seek shelter with friends and relatives.

Weather Forecast

The severe weather was accurately predicted. The Meteorological Office and other forecasters warned people in the north of England to expect 30-100mm of rain. Over 3 million homes are thought to be at risk from flooding in the UK, and severe rain events always show how many property owners are poorly prepared for flooding.

Property Level Protection from Flooding

Homeowners can take action to protect their property by installing demountable barriers such as our Flood Ark system. When an imminent flood warning is received, our protective boards can be quickly deployed to keep the floodwaters out of a property. Deploying our system requires no tools. The boards slot into place and a quick twist of the compression locks form a seal that will keep water out. Flood Ark barriers have been independently tested and awarded the BSI Kitemark.

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Find out the flood risk to your property on the Environment Agency website.