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Over 250 Flood Risk Warnings Issued

01/10/2019 United Kingdom, Flooding Flood ark barriers hold back floodwaters

The Environment Agency has a robust system for advanced warning of flood risk. The recent heavy rainfall in the UK and the approach of the low-pressure system that started life as Hurricane Lorenzo has led to the EA issuing over 250 flood risk warnings (at the time of writing). A further 90 have been removed in the last 24 hours. 

There are three levels of flood risk warning:

  • Flood Alert: flooding is possible be alert.
  • Flood Warning: flooding is expected – take immediate precautions.
  • Severe Flood Warning: severe flooding – danger to life.

If you own a property and have received warning that flooding is imminent, you should evacuate the building until such time as the warning is no longer in force.

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