Flood Ark

Our Flood Barriers in Action

07/10/2020 flood barrier in action

With all the recent poor weather, and more forecast, we can be pretty sure that autumn has arrived! Owners of Flood Ark systems up and down the country will have been keeping a wary eye on the low pressure systems sweeping in from the Atlantic and getting ready to put up their defences.

When flooding threatens, understandably people often have too much to consider to start snapping photographs - so we are always incredibly grateful when a customer has the presence of mind to catch our flood barriers doing what they were designed to do, and the thoughtfulness to share the picture with us.

The owners of Manor Farm Cottage got in touch with this photograph, that they have given us permission to share, and these kind words:

“We had flood barriers fitted by Flood Ark 7 years ago, but this year they were finally put to the test when we had very heavy rainfall and flash flooding. It was such a relief to see the water held back by the barriers, worth every penny.”

Flood Ark flood barriers provide proven property level protection to buildings. If you would like to know more about our barriers, please don't hesitate to contact our facility on 01603 879977 or email info@floodark.com with a request for information.