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New Year’s Resolution: Improve Flood Defence for Your Property

03/01/2019 Flooding, Flood Resilience property flood defence

Despite the long hot summer for which the year will probably be remembered, 2018 had its fair share of floods here in the UK. The thaw following the ‘Beast from the East’ snow event saw millions of cubic metres of water released into the river and sewer systems, thunderstorms hitting dry ground caused flash flooding in August, and storm Callum caused a major deluge in Wales and the South West in October.

We don’t yet know what extremes of weather will have to be endured in 2019, but previous years should have taught us to expect the unexpected. Improving the flood protection for your property could be a good new year’s resolution if you wish to avoid costly repairs and lengthy insurance claims further down the line.

Three Types of Flooding

The Environment Agency estimates that 5.2 million UK properties are at risk from flooding, chiefly from three sources. 

  • The Sea. Coastal flooding occurs when high tides coincide with low pressure storm systems, causing waves to wash into the streets of our coastal towns and cities. The first coastal flood event of the year has already happened with 5 flood warnings and 21 flood alerts issued for the East Anglia coast on the morning of January 8th.
  • Rivers and Lakes. Snowmelt or persistent rainfall can cause the nation’s rivers and lakes to burst their banks and wash out modern housing developments built on ancient floodplains.
  • Surface Flooding. Properties located away from the coast and the river systems can still be at risk from surface flooding, which tends to occur on ground that has been hardened through over-development.

Property Level Protection

At Flood Ark, we manufacture and install flood barriers that offer property level protection for homes and businesses at risk of flooding. We designed them so they could be deployed quickly in conditions where surface flooding, river flooding or coastal flooding are likely to occur. Our flood defence systems have been thoroughly tested in the laboratory and in genuine emergencies. 

Make improving the flood protection of your property your new year’s resolution. Book a FREE survey of the flood risk to your property. Call us on 01603 879977 to arrange for our survey team to assess your property. Alternatively, if you have any questions, email info@floodark.com.

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