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Networking at Flood Expo 2017

29/09/2017 Company, Events, Flooding Flood Expo 2017

This week, we visited Flood Expo 2017 – a gathering of flood protection industry experts, community representatives and business entrepreneurs. It’s a great opportunity to catch up with colleagues from the industry. Everybody there has the same aim: to protect homes and businesses that are at risk of flooding – and we all have something to contribute.

Our General Manager, Ben White, said

“It was a good day.  I met with several people, both familiar and new faces to discuss the state of the industry, talk to potential new partners for Flood Ark and see new product innovations.” 

Keynote Speakers

The two-day exposition featured keynote speakers, including: Dr David Green of NASA; Tiffany Hodgson, the United Nations Climate Change Secretariat; Dr Nick Dunstone of the Met Office and Mary Dhonau OBE – “The Queen of Floods” – who was there to talk about the Cumbria Resilient Showcase Project. Flood Ark are a partner of the Project and have agreed to supply our barriers free of charge.

The Cumbria Resilient Showcase Project

The Cumbria Resilient Showcase Project

Mary Dhonau has been a victim of flooding herself. She has put her experiences into practical use by writing books and guides with the aim of helping people who may be at risk of flooding themselves. Her latest project is the Cumbria Resilient Showcase Project. Mary is a champion of property level protection and the aim of the project is to make three prominent buildings in Cumbria flood resilient. As part of the project, we have offered our products and services to help protect Botcherby Community Centre. 

Level Entrance to the Community Centre

Botcherby Community Centre has a level access front entrance. This is great for elderly and disabled users of the facility, but a disaster for letting in floodwaters. At the start of the Project, Mary Dhonau spoke to surveyors to see what they would recommend. The interviews were filmed for the first part of a YouTube documentary that is documenting the project. 

Andrew Lynch, a surveyor from Trident Building Consultancy (7min:30sec) recommended protecting the main entrance:

 “The entrance doors have a level threshold where we go into the building, put a barrier across there in times of flood, which would be removable so you won’t see it all the time, it is again a very good idea.” 

Since the filming of the documentary, we have been to the community centre and surveyed the entrance. Our barriers will provide the protection they need and we are ready to manufacture them free of charge. We have already installed flood protection barriers to one of the other Cumbria Resilient Showcase Project properties, Lucas Restaurant in Keswick.

Working with Paul Protano, the Proprietor, we installed five barriers in June to protect the front door, Kitchen door, fire doors and Cellar.

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