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Is Climate Change Responsible for Germany's Flood Devastation?

20/07/2021 Flooding, flood waters and orange sky symbolise climate change

While the UK basked in a 30+°C heatwave over the weekend, parts of Western Germany were facing extreme weather of a very different kind: the worst floods seen there in the nation's history.

Persistent rainfall (Cologne measured 155mm in 24 hours, nearly double the previous highest record for rainfall in that location) caused rivers to burst their banks throughout Northwest Rhineland - bringing huge disruption, damage to property and, sadly, a death toll in the hundreds and climbing with many people still unaccounted for.

Proximate and Ultimate Causes

The immediate cause of this flood is heavy rain. But scientists have warned us to expect more extreme and more frequent weather events as a result of anthropogenic climate change. And from the heat dome and forest fires of the North-Eastern Pacific to the floods of northern Europe, we are witnessing predictions come true at a frightening rate.

What can be done?

Ultimately, governments need to step up to the mark and legislate for an immediate reduction in the burning of fossil fuels. But infrastructure also needs to be improved to cope with the stresses extreme weather events are already putting on inadequate systems. A case in point: the failure of the European Flood Awareness System (Efas) to spread the message of imminent flooding to the most vulnerable.

Property Level Protection

If you own a property that is at risk of flooding, there are precautions that you can take to minimise possible flood damage to your home or business. One such action could be installing demountable barriers such as our Flood Ark system. Our protective flood boards can be quickly deployed to keep floodwaters out of a property. Deploying our system requires no tools. The boards slot into place and a quick twist of the compression locks form a seal that will keep water out. Flood Ark barriers have been independently tested and awarded the BSI Kitemark.

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In the UK, you can find out the flood risk to your property on the Environment Agency website.