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High Tides and Coastal Flooding

18/01/2019 Flooding Waves crashing against rocks

Last week some the first floods of the year affected areas along the East Anglian coast, as high tides and strong winds caused large waves and flooding along low lying areas. Dramatic waves were seen along the coast and flooding was seen from Cromer to Felixstowe. 

Flood warnings were issued in advance of spring tides, which occur every two weeks when the sun, moon and earth are aligned. This spring tide also occurred when the moon was at its apogee – at the furthest point from the earth in its elliptical orbit. 

The Harbour Inn pub in Southwold showed the extent of the flooding, which they had prepared for well ahead of time to ensure minimal disruption and damage to the building, having experienced tidal surges and coastal flooding in recent years. High tide is a common problem for coastal regions, which particularly affects low lying regions of coastline and areas further inland along rivers and inlets. Many rivers in the UK are tidal, so high tides and spring tides can cause flooding in areas far from the coast

For the hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses along the coast lines and river sides of the United Kingdom, being aware of flood warnings and having plans in place is absolutely crucial. Sign up for free flood alerts from the Environment Agency and find flood maps and gauge maps on our resources page. Protecting a property with flood barriers is a proven way to mitigate damage, and it costs far less to protect a property than paying for repairs and the effects of floodwater. 

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