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Flooding Crisis Averted in Whaley Bridge

07/08/2019 United Kingdom Toddbrook reservoir in Derbyshire

Residents of Whaley Bridge in Derbyshire were asked to abandon their homes this week when severe rain damaged the dam that constrains the Toddbrook Reservoir above the town. Around 1500 people were evacuated and stayed away for 6 days before being allowed to return once enough water had been pumped out of the reservoir to allow the dam to be fixed.

Severe Flood Warning

In all emergency flooding situations, or potential high-risk situations such as the one that unfolded in Whaley Bridge over the last week, the safety of those affected must be a priority. 31 people who refused to leave their properties were criticized for putting their lives and the lives of rescue workers at risk. The Environment Agency put in place a rare Severe Flood Warning (the highest level of alert – indicating threat to life) for the River Goyt below the dam. Rainfall forecast on Sunday evening passed further to the north than expected. This bought rescue services time to pump water out of the reservoir and shore up the dam with aggregate delivered by Chinook helicopter.

Property Level Protection

When flooding of any sort threatens, it is usually necessary to leave your property. With modern forecasting techniques and a nationwide flood alerts system in place, people usually have between a few hours and a couple of days’ notice of a flood risk. Having a system in place that will protect your property from flooding will limit the damage that can be caused when floodwaters enter a building.

Flood Ark Barriers

Our demountable barrier systems can be erected in a few minutes when you receive warning that a potential flood is on its way. Our barriers are the widest to have been tested to BSI standards – they can cover patio doors and garage entrances up to 4m wide. If you choose our full installation service, we will survey your property to identify all possible flood entry points. We will manufacture bespoke frames and barriers to measurements that are specific to your property. Our experienced installation team will fit your new flood defences and instruct you in their use.

To arrange for one of our teams to visit your property to conduct a FREE survey, call 01603 879977 or email info@floodark.com

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