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Flood Threat from June Thunderstorms

26/06/2020 Flooding lightning in June thunderstorm

The high pressure system pushing up from the continent has created a warm weather bubble over much of the UK. But the bubble is set to burst over the next couple of days as thunderstorms release highly localised heavy downpours. The rain falling onto ground baked hard is likely to lead to surface flooding.

Surface Flooding Can Happen Anywhere

Flood risk is obviously highest by rivers and the sea, but almost any property could be at some risk of surface flooding in the right conditions. Surface flooding occurs when drainage systems are overwhelmed by intense rainfall in a short amount of time. 

Heavy Rainfall Hits Dry Ground

After a period of dry weather such as we have been experiencing this June, the ground becomes less porous. This means the ground is less able to soak up excess water so more runs into the drainage systems exacerbating the problem of surface flooding.

Flood Barrier Solutions

Our flood defences were originally designed to be fitted to properties at risk from surface flooding. Once we’ve installed the discrete permanent frame around your doorway, Flood Ark flood boards can be quickly assembled into a floodproof barrier by the property owner. Once the flood threat has passed, the boards can be swiftly removed and stored away. 

Covid-Safe Installation

Following the easing of Covid lockdown restrictions, our installation teams will be back serving the whole UK. We work on the exterior of properties and strictly observe the latest government guidelines regarding social distancing and hygiene.

For all enquiries, please contact Flood Ark on 01603 879 977 or email any questions to info@floodark.com and we will get back to you straight away.