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Flood Resilience Grants: Apply now before it’s Too Late

14/10/2016 Entrance door barrier installed at property in the Irwell Valley

In last week’s blog we looked at the 15,000 properties which were flooded as a result of last December’s flooding. We know that many of those affected have still not been able to return to their homes and we were therefore interested to read an article in the Cumbria Crack which told the story of Sinead McCann in Kendal.

Sinead owns a 130 year old riverside cottage in the town and unfortunately it took the full force of Storm Desmond. At one point the flood waters were a metre deep and she was forced to leave the property - spending all of 2016 living with friends or in temporary accommodation. Fortunately Sinead has been able to return to her home in the last few days and thanks to the £5,000 Flood Resilience Grant hopes she will never have to go through the experience again. She told the Cumbria Crack: 

“I don’t want to go through all that again. I wanted to do what I could now, so that if it happens again it won’t be as awful or traumatic. I worked out that this week it will be exactly 10 months since the floods and I’m only now moving back in. I really don’t want to have that experience again. With the resilience work I’ve had done I’m hoping that if it floods again it will be more like weeks that I will be out. I’ll be able to pump out, mop up, let it dry and get back in. It gives a bit of reassurance that if it happens again, the impact on my home will be reduced.” 

Know Your Flood Risk 

To help people better understand their flood risk and the types of flood resilience measures available, the Queen of Floods, Mary Dhonau will be releasing an updated version of the Know Your Flood Risk homeowner guide at the beginning of November. The new version has been created following extensive conversations with victims of the December 2015 floods and is an excellent starting point for anyone looking to improve the flood resilience of their property. 

It Is Not Too Late To Claim 

If yours was one of the 15,000 properties flooded during last year’s winter storms, we urge you to find out whether you are entitled to a £5,000 flood resilience grant. Deadlines for applications vary from one authority to the next – a few of the deadlines we know of include: 

  • Carlisle City Council: Grants are available for homes and businesses flooded from 3rd-11th December and 24-28th December 2015. Closing date for applications is Saturday 31st December 2016. 
  • West Lancashire Borough Council: The council warn applicants that due to Government funding, applications received after 31 October 2016 may not be processed. All works at your property must be completed and invoiced before 31st March 2017 to receive grant funding. 
  • Eden District Council: No closing date has been set for applications. 
  • South Lakeland District Council: Applications can be made until 31st March 2017. 
  • Calderdale Council: The council currently has no deadline for applications to be submitted or for the work to have been carried out. 

Residents of other local authorities are advised to contact their council directly for guidance. 

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