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Flood Protection in Wales: Why It Pays To Be Proactive

05/11/2015 Flood barrier installed at cottage in Wales Like many parts of the UK, flooding is a constant threat to residents in Wales. With 208,500 properties at risk of river or tidal flooding and a further 163,000 in danger of surface water flooding, it is an issue that the Welsh Assembly takes incredibly seriously. As our climate changes and sea levels rise, there is an ever increasing likelihood that existing flood defences and drainage systems will not be able to cope with the levels of flooding we may experience in the future. 

One area particularly exposed to flooding is the country’s west coast. From Pembrokeshire in the south west to Anglesey in the North West, this section of coastline is prone to tidal surges and flash flooding caused by Atlantic storms and weather systems. Despite significant investment in flood defences, home and business owners continue to live with the dangers that flooding poses. 

Why You Should Not Rely Solely On Local Authorities 

As recently as September of this year, residents in the town of Kidwelly near Carmarthen described how they were “living in fear” of flooding. It came about after parts of the town were swamped by mud and water, with some householders facing bills of up to £45,000 and four months living away from their property. 

The local council stressed that they have spent £80,000 upgrading flood defences since the town was previously hit by flooding, with a new surface water drainage grid at Caeffynnon. On top of that, the Welsh government announced in December 2014 that £150 million of investment was being put aside for flood and coastal risk management. Speaking at the time, Finance Minister Jane Hutt said: 

“Ensuring that we have effective flood and coastal defences is a priority we share with local authorities. Few can doubt that our flood defences will continue to be tested by adverse weather events in the future” 

Once again however, it shows that property owners cannot simply rely on local authorities to protect their homes and businesses – even where money is being spent on improvements. Property level protection (PLP) is the only way to guarantee your property is suitably protected. 

Flooding in WalesProtecting Properties along the Menai Strait 

Over the years our dedicated team of installers have undertaken a number of flood barrier fittings in towns all along the Welsh coast. The Menai Strait, which separates mainland Wales from the island of Anglesey, is one such area. 

In 2013, our team visited the area to install two barriers at a cottage to protect the front and back doors. The property had been flooded previously and the customer was keen to protect the cottage from further damage. On that occasion the defences were paid for by Natural Resources Wales. The investment was definitely worthwhile because, as you can see from the image above, the barriers were called into action less than a year after being installed. 

If you live in a flood prone area of Wales and would like more information about our 2014 Kitemark accredited flood defences, do not hesitate to get in touch. You can call us on +44 (0) 1603 879977 or drop us an email to info@floodark.com.