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Flood Protection for Garage Doors and Patio Doors


patio door flood protection

When surface flooding occurs you’ll want to make sure that every entrance is protected. Before we developed our product there was no recognised way to provide property level flood protection for wider entrances such as patio doors and garage doors. Our product was the first to be certified by the BSI as effective at covering entranceways of up to 4m. And we have installed protection for widths of up to 10m.

Free Flood Risk Survey

Our initial flood risk survey identifies all the possible entrance points for flood water. For patio and garage doors, we can install a removable post that allows us to cover wider entrances than rival products.

Sometimes we work on an installation that, to the casual observer, may look like the last property that you would expect to need flood barriers. The patio doors in the picture are situated up three large stone steps and the local stream was some distance away. However, this property and neighbouring properties had flooded in the past and the owners were delighted to have found a solution to prevent it from happening again.

Summer Flooding

It might seem a little odd to be writing about flood protection as England and Wales experience an extended period of drought. However, the drying out of the ground caused by an extended heatwave makes the soil significantly less porous. When those summer storms do finally hit, the ground can’t absorb the rainwater as fast as it is falling. The result of this is surface flooding and your property could be at risk.

At Flood Ark, we manufacture and install flood barriers that provide property level protection from flooding. To book a FREE survey showing the impact flooding could have on your property (and how to defend against it) call Flood Ark on 01603 879977 or email info@floodark.com and we’ll be in touch.

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