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Flood Predictions: United Kingdom Climate Projections Report

06/12/2018 electricity substation protected by barriers

At the end of November, the Met Office released their UK Climate Projections report (UKCP18) – an assessment of possible scenarios for UK climate over the course of this century. The report predicts hotter summers and wetter winters as a result of climate change. Increased winter rainfall and sea-level rise will inevitably lead to more flooding events and the Environment Secretary, Michael Gove, wants the nation's infrastructure to be prepared for the challenges ahead.

Secretary Gove

Michael Gove has had something of a controversial political career. His time as Education Secretary brought him into conflict with teacher’s unions and during his tenure as Justice Secretary, the Criminal Bar Association stopped taking new cases in protest at the introduction of lower fees. So, it is perhaps surprising that his actions following his appointment to Environment Secretary – including a proposed ban on microbeads and the phasing out of fuel combustion vehicles – have won him plaudits from environmental activist groups. In a speech following the release of UKCP18, Mr Gove spoke about flood resilience:

“We will be looking at ways we can encourage every local area to strive for greater overall resilience that takes into account all the different levers from land use planning to better water storage upstream, and tackles both flood prevention and response… We want to see more businesses designing in resilience when they invest in new buildings. The climate projections provide high-quality data about the nature of the risks to help steer these new flood investments.”

Flood Risks

The scenarios outlined in UKCP18 have been presented with the scientist rather than the casual reader in mind. However, for business owners and government decision makers, the report provides an invaluable resource. The data in the report can be used when implementing risk assessments. The risks to infrastructure from flooding events caused by climate change can be quantified and appropriate action taken.

Our Flood Barriers

In cases where many properties or key national assets may be affected by climate change-related flooding, it makes sense for the government to invest in managing flood risk. Where smaller groups of properties are affected, it makes sense to make the properties themselves more resilient to flooding. Our flood barriers provide property level protection for properties at risk of flooding and can meet the flood defence needs of large projects and individual properties.

If you would like to arrange a FREE survey of the flood resilience of your property, please get in touch. We will send an engineer to assess where our barriers could be of use to you. Call our UK office on +44 (0) 1603 879977 or email info@floodark.com.

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