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Flood Barrier Installations for Resilience Grant Applicants in Whalley

21/10/2016 Barrier erected across entrance to Precious boutique in Whalley

Like many towns and cities across the North of England, Whalley was badly affected by the winter flooding of 2015. The Environment Agency was forced to issue three severe weather warnings on Boxing Day for the River Calder, which peaked at 3.68 metres – considerably higher than the typical maximum of 2.2 metres. As the swollen river burst through protective banks, dozens of homes and businesses were flooded – many of whom are only just returning to something approaching normality.

One of the businesses to be affected was Precious – a fashion boutique in the centre of the town. The store experienced severe internal flooding, with over a foot of water throughout and proprietor Marianne Hyde approached us in May of this year looking at ways of protecting the shop against future flooding incidents. Marianne is one of those to have claimed the £5,000 Flood Resilience Grant and has invested the money to have Flood Ark barriers installed.

  • View of Whalley flood from Precious shop
  • Flood rear of Precious shop in Whalley

Marianne spoke recently about the flood and explained her reasoning for choosing to invest in flood resilience measures: 

“Some of the businesses on King Street had a lot more damage than us. We do live above our shop but at least we were able to get away from the flood damage and live a normal life. We only had a few days’ disruption in our home whilst the electricity was off so the chaos was at the beginning for us. We had a lot of help from local residents to clean the shop so we got that done within a couple of days and were able to open about three days later with a concrete floor and limited decoration.” 

“When we got the plastering done we had to have the tanking put on which is a water proof coating underneath. We also made sure that any cracks in the cement floor were filled because the water came up through the floor as well. Now we’re all on with the flood resilience grants in order to get flood barriers and things like that. You have to be prepared that it will happen again and at least next time we will hopefully buy ourselves a little more time.” 

  • Barrier fitted to front of Precious shop
  • Precious barrier rear door
  • Precious barrier at rear of premises
  • Precious barrier frame

What Marianne Had To Say About Our Work… 

It is always great to receive positive feedback following our installations and Marianne was kind enough to provide us with the following testimonial: 

“Really fantastic service, I cannot praise you highly enough. Nick worked early and late to make sure we had the minimum of disruption. We didn’t want to close the shop because we cannot afford to lose any more trade on top of the ten days we had to close after the flood. A surveyor from Ribble Valley Borough Council came round yesterday (18th October) to sign off the work for the grant – Jim and Melisa were very thorough in checking the workmanship, fitting the flood boards to the barrier. They were more than happy with the job.” 

Marianne has taken the decision to protect her business and knows that she will not have to go through the inconvenience of a flood again. Many other businesses do not enjoy such a luxury - the Federation of Small Businesses estimate that 29% have no insurance covering the loss of income, incurred costs and damage to property resulting from a flood. 

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