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Flood Ark is Open for Enquiries and Estimates

15/05/2020 Company open for business relief carving

During these unprecedented times we, like all businesses, have had to implement new work practices to ensure the safety of our staff as we gradually reopen in line with the loosening of government restrictions. This is the state of play in the middle of May, 2020.

Manufacture and Supply

We are completely confident that we can manufacture and supply our product without putting any of our staff members at risk. So since the government announcement that workplaces should consider reopening, we have restarted our manufacturing facility with all social distancing measures in place.


Our installation teams often work away from home for days at a time. Until such time as we are confident that they will have safe places to stay overnight, we won’t be doing installations a long way from our manufacturing base. Please contact us to see about the best way round this - we may be able to supply our system to a local building contractor who can undertake the installation for you.

As soon as the next phase of restrictions are lifted and our teams can travel and sleep and get a hot meal somewhere, we will of course resume business as usual.

Enquiries and Estimates

Flood risk has not gone away just because we are experiencing a pandemic. Please don’t put off getting an estimate for protecting your property. If you can supply us with photographs and measurements, we can let you know how much our bespoke system will cost to install. 

For all enquiries, please contact Flood Ark on 01603 879 977 or email any questions to info@floodark.com and we will get back to you straight away.