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Flood Ark Barriers Protect Art Deco Town Hall in Padiham

05/10/2017 Case Study, Flooding, United Kingdom Exterior Padiham Town Hall

Padiham is a small Lancashire town a few miles west of Burnley. On Boxing Day 2015, the river Calder flooded – bringing devastation to this peaceful rural idyll in northern England. The beautiful Art Deco Town Hall was inundated. Floodwaters entered the building – causing extensive damage and destroying the sprung floor of the historic ballroom. As part of the renovation project, Flood Ark were invited to install flood barriers that will protect against future floods. The Town Hall is due to be reopened in November after almost two years. A Burnley Council spokesman said:

"Padiham Town Hall is a listed building and an important historical building. Sadly, the floods caused extensive damage and not only have we had to carry out repair works sensitively with the architectural heritage in mind, we've also had to carry out flood resilience work to minimise the damage should any flooding occur in the future." 

Flood Mitigation

To prevent the Grade II listed building from flooding again, the team behind the renovation of Padiham Town Hall are including flood mitigation products throughout. Specialist engineers, MM Engineering won the contract to improve the flood protection of the site. We’ve partnered with them on other projects and they know that our entrance barriers provide the very best proven protection. Here are some pictures from the project:

Flood Ark Barrier Installation (rear)

We installed Flood Ark barriers to protect the front entrance doors and two fire exit doors, at the front and rear of the building.

ballroom floor

The sprung floor of the ballroom was ruined by the floodwaters and is now finally being replaced - it has been a mammoth task!.

Flood barriers interior view

Flood Ark barriers are designed to be erected quickly when floods threaten. Instructions are printed on the barriers themselves.

Front Entrance

Even though entrances to the Town Hall are raised - the renovators are taking no chances on a repeat of the 2015 floods. 

Flood Ark flood barriers provide proven property level protection to buildings. The expert engineers working on the Padiham Town Hall project used us because we supply a reliable product that has been thoroughly tested. If you would like to know more about our barriers, please don't hesitate to contact our facility on +44 (0) 1603 879977 or email info@floodark.com.

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