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Eight Flood Barriers Installed at HMRC Shipley

11/01/2018 Case Study, Flood Barriers at HMRC Shipley

The historic Yorkshire town of Shipley grew wealthy thanks to the River Aire. During the Industrial Revolution, textile mills sprung up along the banks of the river. Water power drove the engines of commerce. The river still runs through the town – now more of a conurbation of Bradford than a town in its own right – but the mills have all closed down. With the mills gone, one of the major employers in the town is the tax office HMRC Shipley. Following a refurbishment after the Boxing Day floods of 2015, we were invited to install 8 of our barriers at their facility. 

Background to the Works

On Boxing Day 2015 the River Aire burst its banks. News coverage mostly focussed on the extensive damage caused in Leeds, but upriver there was also widespread flooding in Bradford and Shipley. The beautiful and tourist-friendly region of Saltaire – a UNESCO World Heritage Site – was inundated. HMRC Shipley is located between Saltaire and Shipley town centre. The damage to the tax office caused by the floodwaters took over a year to repair.

Future Floodproofing

The principle contractor on the reinstatement project was the Arthur McKay Group. Once the building was restored and the workers who had been commuting to Bradford and Leeds were returned to their offices, the contractors contacted specialist engineers, MM Engineering, to improve the flood protection on the site. We’ve frequently partnered with MM Engineering on projects. They work with us because they know that our flood barriers provide proven protection.

Survey and Installation

HMRC Shipley was a big project. Situated on the banks of the River Aire, the large office houses 900 workers. Eight potential entry points for floodwaters were identified – each of which would need a barrier in order to protect the building from future flooding. Our installers worked at the weekend to install the main entrance barrier to ensure the minimum of disruption and smooth fitting of the three-section split barrier system.  

Barrier when down

Our client James Morton of MM Engineering was happy with the work carried out for the project. He said:

“Very happy, installed on time and met the deadline set by the Principle Contractor Arthur McKay Group.”

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