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Cumbrian Residents Regret Choosing Flood Doors

21/02/2019 Flood Resilience Cumbria before flooding

At Flood Ark, we design, manufacture and install bespoke flood barriers that fit in front of potential flood entry points such as a door and prevent floodwaters from entering your property. An alternative flood protection product is a flood door – a device that replaces your regular door. Do flood doors perform as well as is claimed? The residents of Cumbria have been sharing their opinion on the matter.

Storm Desmond

Storm Desmond unleashed 341.4mm of rain on Honister Pass, Cumbria, setting a new British record for rainfall in 24 hours on 5th December 2015. Following this and other weather events in the 2015/16 storm season, the UK government developed an emergency flood protection fund that enabled local councils to fund £5000 grants to householders affected by the floods.

Flood Resilience Grants

It was left up to the property owners precisely how the flood resilience grant money was spent. Some householders who opted to install flood doors have since expressed regret at their choice. An article on the BBC News website reports that more than 60 people have come forward to report issues with flood doors paid for by the grant money. At least one of the companies responsible for installing the doors has gone into liquidation – leaving disgruntled householders with a broken door and no redress.

Lis Dales of Kendal, whose contractor fitted a flood barrier after she replaced her broken flood door with a regular door, told the BBC:

 "We're all still struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder and this trauma has just added to all that."

Effective Defence

Our barriers provide an effective demountable defence against flooding. When conditions are right for flash flooding and you believe your property to be at risk, erecting our barriers will block the potential path of the floodwaters. We know our barriers work because they have been thoroughly tested in the laboratory by independent assessors and in real life flooding situations.

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