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Complete Flood Defence: Additional Protection Products

23/11/2018 Flood Resilience

In addition to the flood protection barriers that we manufacture at our Norfolk facility and install all around the country, we fully endorse and supply two other flood protection products manufactured by industry colleagues. The Non-Return Valve and the SMART Airbrick both meet the standard of excellence required to be sold alongside our own barrier product.

Non-Return Valve

Non return valve

The non-return valve that we supply is designed to be retro-fitted to existing clay, plastic or concrete pipes. All water flowing through the pipe must pass through the valve. Water can only flow through the valve in one direction – away from your property. The valve automatically seals the pipe when there is a backflow of water created by a flooding event.

Order Non-Return Valves

You can find out more about the one-way non-return valve from the Other Products page of our website. The valves come in two standard sizes:

  • 110mm £59.95 (+VAT)
  • 150mm £99.95 (+VAT)

Postage and packing is priced at £5.00 per item including VAT.

SMART Airbrick

SMART Airbrick diagram

Airbricks allow ventilation to the structure of your house and prevent multiple problems associated with the build-up of humid air. However, in flood conditions, a brick with holes in it will provide the floodwaters with an easy access point to your home. the SMART Airbrick is a solution to this problem. The brick contains a simple flotation valve that prevents water from passing through it.

Order SMART Airbricks

You can find out more about floodproof SMART Airbricks from the Other Products page of our website.

  • £60.00 (+VAT) per brick.

For more information about any of our flood defence products or to arrange a FREE survey of your home, please call 01603 879977 or email info@floodark.com.

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