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Buy a Flood Barrier for Your Home that Actually Works

11/10/2021 flood barriers for home in use

When choosing a flood barrier for your home: don’t just buy time, buy a flood barrier that actually works. At Flood Ark, we’ve been in the industry for over twenty years. Our flood barriers have been tested in simulations and in real flood situations and time and again, we’ve proven that we can keep people’s homes and businesses safe from floodwater.

The Trouble with Steel Barriers

The trouble with modular steel barriers is they don’t actually keep the water out. They are praised (often by those who have spent a lot of money having them installed) for buying property owners time to e.g. move furniture or stock to an upper storey while the water slowly leaks in.

The ‘buying time’ argument holds no water for us (a bit like these leaky modular steel barriers). When there is a product on the market at a similar price point that actually stops flood waters, why would you choose to buy yourself time?

Flood Ark Barriers

Our reinforced rigid PVC barriers are locked together with a simple twist of a compression lock to form a watertight seal. This solution is elegant, efficient and above all: it actually works, as the owners of Manor Farm Cottage can attest:

“We had flood barriers fitted by Flood Ark 7 years ago, but this year they were finally put to the test when we had very heavy rainfall and flash flooding. It was such a relief to see the water held back by the barriers, worth every penny.”

flood barrier for home

Flood Ark flood barriers provide proven property level protection to buildings. If you would like to know more about our flood barriers for homes, please don't hesitate to contact our facility on 01603 879977 or email info@floodark.com with a request for information.